Small Country Towns

When I think of small country towns I think of a certain wholesome, carefree charm that appeals to my small town girl roots. I am at heart a big city girl but I enjoy this form of escapism occasionally. I love how you can drive down a quiet unassuming road and stumble upon a patch of land filled with yellow wildflowers and a white picket fence thrown in for good measure. I love how you can find treasures in opshops and antique stores for pennies and leave feeling like you’ve just hit the jackpot. Most importantly I love driving through them knowing that we’re not far away from our beloved big city and that we’re not stuck in the middle of nowhere. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

4 thoughts on “Small Country Towns

  1. I’m a small town girl who now lives in the big smoke. I miss the warmth and charm of the country and the space…how I wish I had more space!

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