One fine Saturday morning



On our last Saturday in New Zealand, the clouds cleared up to reveal a fine morning, perfect for a market day. We headed 2 hours north to Matakana, famous for its Saturday Farmers Market which I absolutely adore since my days of living in Auckland. The vibe of the small town was energetic and buzzing with large crowds thronging the markets and the sweet smells of glorious food in the air. It’s hands down one of my favourite nostalgic places of New Zealand. A trip to Matakana will not be complete without some blueberry waffles to indulge in, of course.

2 thoughts on “One fine Saturday morning

  1. Gotta love Farmer’s Markets in small-towns. I’ve ventured to a few in Michigan and Georgia where I am based. Great food and produce, friendly people and a nice atmosphere. Will almost always strike up conversations with locals. I’m hungry now after looking at the cool foodie pics,

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