An update on what’s happening


The last couple of months since we returned from our holiday in the US has been busy, busy busy, to say the least!

Updating this blog has been sporadic, for good reason. If you haven’t already noticed, the blog has undergone some aesthetic changes to make way for new exciting things to come which I’m about to reveal.

Quite simply, we’ve quit our jobs to travel. Where you might ask? Europe specifically, followed by Asia, bits of Middle East and possibly South America. How long? We’ve saved up enough to not work for 2 years so that’s the plan for now. Why? I’ve recently written an article on Weekend Notes on 4 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel. And that’s just the start.

The last two months have been occupied with setting up markets stalls, selling our furniture, culling our material possessions, resigning from work, seeing family one last time, preparing paperwork for visas, booking flights, getting vaccinations, wrapping things up at work, organizing pre-travel stuff like credit card, accommodation, travel gear etc etc and the list goes on.

It’s been a trying, exciting and nerve-wrecking time with a mix of emotional highs and lows as we transition into this next phase of our lives. Keep checking back to follow us on our journey! xx

Picture from a recent trip to Melbourne to visit family. Taken with the iPhone 4 and edited with the VSCOCam app.

3 thoughts on “An update on what’s happening

  1. Euniceses!!!
    U are going on a 2 years travel?? All the best in ur new adventure. Would love to see u post ur experiences here. Take care and have a blast!!! 🙂

  2. You are amazing! I totally love what you are doing…You’ve met a follower in me I will look forward to more posts. Meanwhile, if you’d like to read some of what I write when you have a moment of rest, do stop by my blog. Cheers

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