Au Revoir Sydney



This post is overdue by about 3 weeks. I meant to write a reflective post about farewelling Sydney but alas, my time has been taken up by a whirlwind of activities surrounding our last days in Sydney and stopover holiday in Malaysia. We ended on a good note I’d have to say, and I feel at peace about leaving Sydney for this new adventure we’ve worked long and hard to make happen. I will be updating a lot more regularly and I’ve even started listing down a Paris Bucket List to replace the Sydney one (read about it here) which I will post on the blog soon. In case you’re wondering, we are currently in Paris and plan to be here for the next few months unless the wind changes. Apartment hunting is our priority at the moment but it hasn’t stopped us from exploring this beautiful city. I’m starting to worry if I’ll even have enough time to do everything I want here.

Both pictures were taken on our last day in our apartment in Sydney. All we had were some picnic chairs to sit on and my favourite wall art which I refused to part with until the very last moment. Oh, and some leftover sparklers from New Year’s eve two years ago.

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