The charm of a Parisian balcony

IMG_1036 IMG_1053 IMG_1042 IMG_1047 IMG_1049IMG_0796Before Paris we were never fully convinced that an apartment balcony was of much value. Sure we’ve stayed in apartments in Sydney with large balconies that we hardly ever stepped out to save for hanging our washing or housing some potted herbs and plants. Paris is a whole different story. We loved the balcony of the apartment we stayed in during our first week here. So much so that we made it a criteria while hunting for a more permanent apartment to stay in for the next wee while.

We learned a thing or two during this process; 1. Balconies are coveted, especially ones that face the streets and pretty buildings or ones with views of the Eiffel. Which leads to the second point; 2. Balconies are expensive. We deliberated and settled for an apartment within a 10 minute walk from the Seine instead.

But oh boy were we charmed by the Parisian balcony.

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