Free Museum Day in Paris!

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We knew we had only one free museum day during our stay in Paris (all museums have free entry on the first Sunday of every month) so we wasted no time and headed out early that morning on a mission to chow down all of Paris’s main museums. We were originally planning to visit Musée d’Orsay but made a boo-boo the Sunday before thinking that that was the free day. We ended up going in but paying, which was worth every penny thankfully.

On this day, we triple-checked the date before heading out first to Musée de l’Orangerie. This small-ish museum located in the Tuilleries is famous for Monet’s large scale waterlily paintings and having seen the gardens in Giverny we knew that this was a must-see. Verdict: We were thoroughly mesmerized by the paintings and more so by the way the paintings were displayed in a very ambient room. No pictures were allowed which was a fair call, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the artwork without distractions.

After Musée de l’Orangerie, we darted off to the Lourve to try and beat the crowds. Bad call. There was a 2 hour queue to get in and we decided to change plans and try the Centre Pompidou which was where all the pictures above were taken. It’s interesting to note that we live literally right next to the Centre Pompidou and it never crossed our minds to visit this museum, until a friend told us about the awesome views at the top.

Turns out that this museum kicks ass! We spent the entire afternoon in this museum and felt so saturated at the end of it that I dreamt of Kandinsky, Miro and Picasso all night long (plus some weird looking objects interspersed). Pompidou is the place to visit if you enjoy modern and contemporary art, which I figured is what the general public prefers. Even if you can’t appreciate contemporary art, you’ll be mildly amused by the interesting things that people classify as ‘art’.

All in all, a great free museum day!

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