A trip to Fontainebleau

IMG_2708 IMG_2709 IMG_2715 IMG_2722 IMG_2723 IMG_2766  IMG_2783 IMG_2798 IMG_2849You could think of Fontainebleau as the less prettier of two sisters when comparing to Versailles, but no less loved. It was apparently deemed the ‘king’s refuge’ during those gilded days and I could see why. Château de Fontainebleau is surrounded by the most beautiful grounds and woods I have ever seen. There is also a vast forest surrounding the small town that used to be the hunting grounds of the royal family back then.

We were excited to explore Fontainebleau and the château having seen the lavishness of Versailles and we’ve had quite enough of crowds and lines so a less popular attraction is always a bonus. We arrived and there was hardly anyone in the grounds of the château, which was a good sign we thought. Until we read the sign that the château was closed on Mondays, the day we visited. Bummer!

It turned out to be a beautiful day because we still got to explore the plentiful gardens and grounds and nearby woods. So peaceful and a welcomed break from the city.


2 thoughts on “A trip to Fontainebleau

  1. Who is the photographer of these pictures? Because I love the composure! Especially of the gardens!

    Enjoy your trip and keep up the great blog!

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