The crêpe seller at Le Marché des Enfants Rouges

IMG_3364IMG_3359-tileIMG_3366IMG_3360IMG_3370-tileIMG_3376France may be known for its food but Paris has its share of good and bad versions of each culinary delight. Take the much loved crêpe for example. I have tasted extraordinary crêpes but I have also eaten crêpes that bring shame to its name. So when we discovered this quirky crêpe seller at Le Marché des Enfants Rouges who makes the tastiest crêpes I have ever eaten in Paris, coming back for seconds was without question.

I loved watching him prepare his food. He uses the freshest of ingredients and takes a nibble or two off the cheese or ham in the process (if he eats his own food, that’s a good sign right??) while humming a tune and sipping some rosé on the side. He interacts with his customers who wait patiently in line and rewards every person with a piece of bread or a few french donuts from his stall. Very generous indeed. He also gets his customers to sample several types of cheeses before adding them to their sandwich. How often do you see market sellers going the extra mile in customer service? And his crêpes are moist, soft, slightly caramelized and so delicious. It’ll be hard to top this crêpe experience.

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