Paris, Je T’aime

IMG_6004-tileAs I’m writing this we are in the midst of packing up our bags again, signifying the end of the first leg of our trip. We’ve booked train tickets to Provence which is our next destination. I’m excited to see what Provence has to offer, but at the same time feeling a bittersweet tinge for leaving Paris, the city I’ve come to adore. We’ve spent a total of 6 weeks exploring, living and getting to know Paris and to a certain extent, its inhabitants. Six weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of life, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re leaving with a good idea of what’s beautiful in Paris, what’s not and whether we will be back (the answer is yes to the latter, fingers crossed!)

To reflect back on every significant moment is impossible but for starters, I’m happy to have covered all but one item on my Paris Bucket List. The bucket list was fun to tick off and some of the highlights of our trip were in the bucket list, for example celebrating Bastille Day.

I’ve narrowed down 3 of my favourite things to do in Paris which was a tough challenge but fun to come up with :

1. Cycling in Paris – cycling fast became our usual mode of transport and it’s easy, fun and cheap (except for those darn hills in the left bank!)

2. Walking, cycling, reading, picnic-ing or just sitting by the Seine – the evenings where we just wander down the Seine a short distance from home are some of my favourite moments. Balmy temperatures, lots of people watching and generally a great summer vibe. It felt like a weekend every single evening.

3. Checking out every boulangerie I stumble across and comparing prices of croissants- have you heard of the Big Mac index? Well, I was attempting to do so by judging from the prices of croissants in different boulangeries across town. It ranges from 0.90Eur to 1.50Eur, and though I’ve not tried every single croissant in town, it gave us a pretty good idea on whether that part of town is pricey or not (and no, the cost does not reflect the taste as I’ve come to learn from a 0.90Eur croissant).

I’ve also come up with my top 3 favourite places to go in Paris:

1. Le Marais in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements – cool, quirky boutiques, narrow streets and some of the most stylish Parisians congregate here. Le Marais is also a 5 minute walk from our apartment which unsurprisingly became our usual hang out spot.

2. Canal Saint-Martin – understated, chilled out and unpretentious, the canal is the less touristy option compared to the Seine. I remember one warm Friday night cycling down the road parallel to the Canal and just being blown away by the number of people sitting by the canal in groups or pairs, just chilling out and enjoying the night with a picnic by their side.

3. The Seine, of course- as touristy as it is, it will never grow old and you get some of the best views of Paris as you walk across one of the many bridges over the river.

Until next time, Paris because we will surely be back!

Pictures above from my Instagram, capturing special moments from the last 6 weeks in Paris.

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