Provençal Hilltop Villages: Roussillon

IMG_3898 IMG_3879 IMG_3875 IMG_3870 IMG_3862 IMG_3856 IMG_3854 IMG_3842 IMG_3835-tile IMG_3906While I expected to see beautiful fields of lavender and sunflowers in Provence, I certainly did not know much about the hilltop villages that would take my breath away.  One of my favourites was Roussillon, a village with a distinctive orange hue attributed to the prominent ochre deposits in the earth (akin to the ones you see in Colorado). This village in fact lies in an area of Provence known as Provençal Colorado because of its similarities to the more famous and “original” Colorado.

Roussillon reminded me of what Italian villages I imagined would look like. Warm tones, colourful shutters and doors, picture perfect corners and contrasting clear blue skies. It ticks all the right boxes if you ask me!

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