Sunflower fields of Provence

IMG_4165IMG_4259 IMG_4188 IMG_4205 IMG_4210 IMG_4257These sunflower fields screamed out to us from afar. You can not miss them. You can’t just pass them by. You have to stop, take them in all its glory and bask in the yellow glow. You have to walk amongst them. Smell them. Touch them. Jump amongst them. Lie amongst them. Feel them. See them up close. Watch them sway in the wind. Like little human faces that call out to you. Mesmerized.

9 thoughts on “Sunflower fields of Provence

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    • Hi Jessica, we took these photos in Provence near Tarascon in early August last year. If you go at the end of July and early August you should be able to see some wonderful sunflower fields!

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