Provençal Villages: Lourmarin and Bonnieux


IMG_4634 IMG_4628 IMG_4606-tile IMG_4598-tile IMG_4572 IMG_4566 IMG_4552 IMG_4615-tileIMG_4528IMG_4490 IMG_4488-tile IMG_4474Lourmarin and Bonnieux are two Provençal villages located within a 15 minute drive from each other. These villages sing to my heart. Can you blame me for wanting to take a million photos of every door, window and building I see? These villages are some of the prettiest  I’ve ever seen in my life. The moment you think you’ve seen the cutest town ever, along comes another to knock your socks off. I am in love with these French villages. I could wander the alleyways and narrow lanes for hours, finding treasure at every corner. It warms my heart to see the locals preserve the charm of their village, simply by putting in a little effort.

(Bottom 3 photos of Bonnieux, the rest are of Lourmarin)

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