Beautiful Annecy

IMG_5062 IMG_5059 IMG_5054 IMG_5052 IMG_4812 IMG_4805-tile IMG_4756 IMG_4735 IMG_4728 IMG_4726Annecy would be one of my favourite places so far in our travels around France. Located in the French Alps, this lakeside town has a winning combination of a gorgeous freshwater lake, a backdrop of mountains and a beautiful medieval town with canals running through it. A friend mentioned to me that it looks like a cross between Venice and Amsterdam. That sounds about right to me, don’t you think?

Highlights of Annecy included a refreshing swim in the lake on a hot summer’s day, meeting some friendly locals who invited us to join them for a picnic by the lake and walking through the town where every corner you turned deserved a picture.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Annecy

  1. Hi, Eu, after looking at your blog and those beautiful pictures, I will definitely visiting Annecy! Thanks for sharing!

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