Villages of the French Alps


IMG_4961 IMG_4954 IMG_4941 IMG_4924 IMG_4893-tile IMG_4882-tile IMG_4880 IMG_4863 IMG_4833 IMG_4823 IMG_5032 IMG_5031 IMG_5024 IMG_5019 IMG_4998 Visiting the French Alps in summer was a very pleasant surprise for us. The towns are crowded with summer holidaymakers who choose the Alps over the beach, something very new to us folks living in Australia. It’s eye opening to see how the locals choose to spend their summer holidays; lakeside over sandy beaches, mountain trekking over suntanning.

These pictures were taken in the towns of Yvoire, Talloires, La Clusaz and an amazing drive through the Alps known as the Col des Aravis where you can see cows wearing cowbells and a very picturesque little chapel set admist a stunning backdrop of mist (it happened to be a rainy day).


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