Dijon and its buildings

IMG_5411 IMG_5420-tile IMG_5424-tile IMG_5431 IMG_5389 IMG_5347-tile IMG_5333 IMG_5320 IMG_5306-tileDijon seems to be universally synonymous with mustard, but there’s more to this little capital city of the Burgundy region in France. Not only is it located in one of the most beautiful countryside regions we’ve seen so far in France, it has some of the prettiest buildings and unique architecture across all the French towns and cities we’ve been to.

The half timbre buildings were some of my favourite and reminded me of what you might see in German medieval times. Also a standout were the polychrome roofs that had the most amazing geometric patterns in colours of yellow, green and red (can I please have a dress in that fabric??). You’d think that you were in Turkey for a moment.

Not to mention the beautiful colonial buildings that were very Parisian and the Notre Dame church with its tiny Gothic sculptures that you could stare at for ages (if your neck can handle it). Dijon is a city rich in architecture. And the food was much of a delight too.

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