The Gardens of Villandry


IMG_5870 IMG_5859 IMG_5855IMG_5903 IMG_5888 IMG_5884We wrapped up our Loire Valley cycling adventure with Château de Villandry, renowned for its stunning gardens. I honestly don’t think any other garden can top what I’ve seen in Villandry. The gardens triumph over the actual château and is obviously the main draw card for visitors coming to Villandry.

This will be my last post on France for the next wee while until we return. At the time of writing we are in Vienna and have visited 2 other cities in between which I’ll post about soon. I’m trying to strike a balance between updating consistently and yet not distracting myself from my real travels and exploration. Time is of essence especially when we are trying to hold onto as much of summer as possible which seems to be so fleeting in this continent! Thanks for following along on our adventures. Your likes and comments have not gone unnoticed and I’m glad that someone out there (other than our family) is vaguely interested in what we’re up to 😉

Ps: If you’d like to know where we are in the world in real time you might like to check out my instagram!

3 thoughts on “The Gardens of Villandry

  1. Wow that’s gorgeous and you’ve captured the Château de Villandry beautifully.

    Thanks for sharing and hoping I can visit France soon. Enjoy the rest of the vacation. Cheers!

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