Prague: An Introduction to Eastern Europe


IMG_5948 IMG_5961 IMG_6014 IMG_6107 IMG_6124 IMG_6168 IMG_6347 IMG_6419 IMG_6457 IMG_6466Prague was our introduction to Eastern Europe. Having never set foot on this part of the European continent before we really didn’t know what to expect. What sort of food do they eat anyway? So many misconceptions of the Czech people were cleared once we met our local host and were given a quick lesson in Czech history and culture over a delicious meal and local beer.

Our trip to Prague further fueled our fascination for the oppressive history of Eastern Europe what with both Nazi and Soviet occupation. It is truly amazing to see these people survive such recent oppression only to emerge as a society of humble, hard workers who don’t take clean running water for granted.

Prague as a city was beautiful although it could be better preserved. It is common though to see historically significant buildings half covered in scaffolding, so I guess in a way they are trying to restore some of these monuments. The city was a tad too overcrowded with tourists and tour groups for our liking but that can’t be helped, being one of the cheapest European cities we’ve been to so far. On a whole, we enjoyed venturing out of France and experiencing a whole new culture and language and meeting new people. And did you know that we bought beer for 50 cents Euro and ate one of the best Vietnamese pho (rice noodle soup) in Prague? 🙂

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