All the glamour of Milan

IMG_0692 IMG_0714 IMG_0749 IMG_0577-tileIMG_0731 IMG_0726 IMG_0744-tile IMG_0778Milan certainly lived up to its reputation. Stylish Italians both young and old strut the streets like a catwalk. Posh buildings house even posher designer names. To fit into MIlan you have to live and breathe fashion, and do it so effortlessly as if you’re born for it. We loved every minute of Milan, stuck up and all. Of course there were moments where we felt inadequate in our dressing but that did not stop us from appreciating that chic middle aged lady riding her vintage bicycle so gracefully with a Prada bag casually slung over her shoulders. Or that grey haired Italian businessmen in a velvet suit with a cigar in hand. Or that young model with the cool tortoise shell glasses sipping a glass of wine in the cafe. Or that hot dude riding a Vespa and pulling off Converse shoes like no one else can. You get what I mean.

5 thoughts on “All the glamour of Milan

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