Berlin is the future


There, you heard it first here on this blog. Sounds like a far fetched claim? Maybe. But hear me out first.

Berlin is the cheapest European capital we’ve been to, and probably one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe.  I judge this on the following criteria: Airbnb accommodation (our choice of lodging), transport costs and groceries. This has also been backed up by locals and migrants who live here as well as friends who have visited Berlin.

Berlin is a fairly young city, having reunified less than 30 years ago. After the fall of the wall, rent and property in East Berlin was apparently so cheap that there was an influx of artists, students and low to middle income earners to this part of town. East Berlin is hot and now is a good time to buy property in this part of town because it is only going to attract further development and gentrification before prices skyrocket.

Berlin is cosmopolitan. International cuisine is everywhere and migrants are welcomed to this city. English is widely spoken and Berliners appear to be open to accepting new cultures and faces.

Berlin is exciting. The art and music scene here is thriving. The only place where I’ve heard more talented buskers than in Berlin is New York, and that says a lot. The buskers here are very well received and supported. Art is everywhere and the street art here is the best I’ve seen. So expressive and meaningful.

These are the reasons why I think Berlin is an emerging city with potential and so much to offer. I was asked to describe Berlin. I liken Berlin to New York city, say 30 years ago when it was at the height of its prime. Up and coming, fresh to the scene but one to watch out for.


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