Dresden’s old and new


Dresden is the only city of former East Germany (discounting East Berlin) that we visited and we were keen to see how different it would be from other parts of Germany. We were charmed by Dresden’s Alstadt (old city) with its distinctive Baroque style architecture and Soviet style pastel coloured buildings with cute windows poking out of the rooftops. Despite being completely bombed out during WWII with only a few buildings left standing, the old city was rebuilt to resemble its former glory. Dresden reminded us of Prague and this could be attributed to the Soviet influence or just simply physical proximity of both cities.

The newer part of Dresden known as Neustadt is what stayed with us. We were drawn to this quirky area known as Kunsthofpassage which is a courtyard with several buildings, each with a unique modern design. The best design is known as the ‘Court of Water’ which merges architecture (funnels, gutters and pipes) and nature (rain water) to create music. I’ve never seen anything more clever. These buildings are inhabited by locals and indie or vintage shops which adds to the charm of this place.

On a whole Dresden took us by surprise with its old and new and is worth stopping over for a day or two if not more.

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