Tis the season in Innsbruck


Innsbruck was another lovely town we visited as part of our “Christmas market trail”. The buildings are charming and you are surrounded by the majestic Austrian Alps. One moment in particular during our time there stood out with me. We were nibbling away at some fried doughnut with powdered sugar (and getting it all over our scarves and coats), admiring the christmas lights when a brass band starts playing some carols. The tunes were soothing and perfect for that very moment. All around us, people were in a joyous mood and smiles were plastered on every face.  Everything felt like they belonged together: my love, the lights, the cold, the bear hugs (to stay warm), the markets and the music and I wished that I could capture that moment entirely in a snapshot or bottle it up somehow with all its sensations. Alas, I can only attempt to describe it and one day relive this memory of that moment through these words.


2 thoughts on “Tis the season in Innsbruck

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