48 Hours in Doha, Qatar


Forty eight hours in this progressive Arab nation was enough to reveal interesting facets of this tiny country. Every other person we see on the street is a migrant or expat with local Qatari nationals forming a minority in this oil rich state. You would also never see a Qatari taxi driver, alluding to how rich the country is.  Unsurprisingly, impressive sky scrappers and high rises crowd the skyline of Doha bay, and many more are on the way. The notable architect I.M. Pei of the Lourve glass pyramid fame was even commissioned to design the Museum of Islamic Art, the star attraction of Doha.

Despite the intense heat and temperatures, Doha was a gem of a visit. Relatively clean, safe and modern, this city is one to watch out for.


One thought on “48 Hours in Doha, Qatar

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