Ancient Hui Villages of China


Finally, a blog post after more than two months!! We are well and still traveling in case you’re wondering. A combination of factors have left this blog somewhat stranded, mainly the great firewall of China blocking key sites like Flickr and WordPress, and our fast paced traveling which does leave little time for blogging.

I wanted to write about the ancient Hui villages of Hongcun and Xidi that were some of my highlights of our travels in China. I was especially taken by the architecture which is a photographer’s dream really. Well preserved, charming and still inhabited by local folk, ambling down the many narrow alleyways and lanes transports you back to a time where life was simpler and stress free. Such a contrast to the huge modern cities where smog, traffic and high rises abound.

Hongcun and Xidi were the first of many villages that we have since come across in the last few months. It still stands that the villages of China are where you find the real gems. The friendly folk, architecture and often amazing scenery will leave you wanting more.

4 thoughts on “Ancient Hui Villages of China

  1. Hi! Can’t wait to see more photos! By the way, I’ve been to Provence a few weeks ago, thanks to you and the photos on your blog, which gave me the inspiration to go there 🙂 It was lovely!!! 🙂

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