Experiencing Huangshan in Anhui Province


Huangshan or Yellow Mountain is an incredibly popular scenic spot amongst the mainland chinese tourists. If you’ve seen the movies ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ by Ang Lee or ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron and wondered if that bizzare landscape exists in real life, there you go. Huangshan deserves its fame, and its had it for years before movie makers even thought up their scripts. Huangshan had often been depicted in paintings by Chinese artists for centuries. It’s no wonder why throngs of chinese tourists visit every summer holiday.

The rocks have been described as grotesque with some resembling human faces or body parts. The type of trees found in Huangshan are unique and exclusive to this region, called the Pinus Hwangshanensis!! I kid you not, that the name even bears the location of where it was first found. These pine trees complement the grotesque rocks and make for beautiful silhouette shots.

As for the experience itself, I would reconsider going during the peak holiday season if we were to do it again. Though special and deserving of a visit, the mountains were brimming with chinese tourists so there were long lines to go up the cable cars and even a queue to walk down the steps when we went. Overall it was an experience that could have been improved but hey, that’s part of traveling after all. We can’t get it right all the time 😉


4 thoughts on “Experiencing Huangshan in Anhui Province

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