Suzhou’s Gardens and Canals


Suzhou is all about its gardens and canals. A visit to Suzhou would not be complete if you missed either. The gardens are plenty and if you pick the right one at the right time, you might be lucky enough to dodge all the tourist crowds. A moment of peace and relative quietness in the gardens and you will see begin to appreciate the masterpiece that it is. Its use of rock, stone, water and pavilions are typical of classical chinese gardens and there’s no better place to see them all than in Suzhou.

The canals were another highlight of Suzhou. In the less touristy parts of town where the canals can be found, you can see locals going about their daily life centering around these canals.

Not much can be said about Suzhou as a city, save that it is fast becoming another one of China’s overpopulated and fast developing concrete jungles. But the gardens and the canals are what differentiates Suzhou from any of its other counterparts.


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