Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces


Dragon’s backbone or Longsheng rice terraces in the province of Guangxi, China was nothing short of impressive. The sheer height and complexity of these 650 year old terraces is an engineering feat that has withstood the test of time. We were amazed by the convoluted layers of rice terraces, said to resemble the backbone of a dragon hence its catchy name. During our short stay in the small ethnic Yao village we saw the most amazing sunrise over the terraces. I’ve never seen a more beautiful shade of golden green. We also tasted the local delicacy of rice and mushroom cooked in bamboo which was fragrant and utterly delicious. Ethnic Yao women are known for their long hair, some grown up to their waist or hips. They only cut their hair once or twice in their lifetime and save the tresses to tie to their existing hair, something I found a bit morbid.

These rice terraces are beautiful all year round. I can only imagine what it could look like in the winter covered with snow, in spring when it’s flooded with water and in autumn when it turns golden.



8 thoughts on “Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces

  1. I went there in winter when the terraces were empty. It was impressive nonetheless and I was really intrigued by Yao culture. What amazing photos you took!

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