An Indian Wedding

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We were privileged to be part of a 3 day wedding extravaganza in India and suffice to say, it lived up to our expectations. We expected non stop dancing (check), lavish costumes (check), loud drums (check) and warm hospitality (check). The event culminated in a carnival like procession of the groom’s party to the wedding venue on a main expressway, where most of the pictures above were taken. We were bewildered by the ‘no expenses spared’ approach to this wedding. There was the brass band in red and gold uniform, a trio of drummers, gypsy dancers, a chariot with horses, fireworks, lanterns and beautiful expensive sarees. It was nothing short of colourful and I can still hear a faint drum beat ringing in my ear.

Being the only non Indians in the wedding we pretty much got the same spotlight as the bride and groom, well almost. Everyone welcomed us with open arms, dragged us on stage to dance and explained ceremonial proceedings and customs to us patiently. It was a unique once in a lifetime experience that we’ll hold dearly in our treasure chest of memories.


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