The most rewarding 679 days of our lives

Two years ago we sold almost all our belongings, packed up our modest home and left Sydney for an adventure of a lifetime. It wasn’t a decision made overnight. It was calculated, planned and executed over the course of at least 3 years, leading up to the day we left Sydney. Many believed in us, but some gave up on us long before we came home. We traveled to amazing places we used to only dream of going, experienced so many highs and a fair share of lows in our journey and met so many interesting people, some we plan on keeping as lifelong friends. We started off together, eager and came home together, stronger.

We have been back in Sydney for almost 2 months now. Life has caught up with us again, and we are back in the mundane routine of work, commuting, bills and society. In short, we are back to being “busy”.

It is incredibly difficult to summarise my thoughts and feelings about our entire travel experience in one post. I have drafted this blog post a hundred times over in my head and none felt ‘final’. I have come to learn that there can’t be one, as I am still reaping from my travels long after it’s over. I will have the rest of my life to regurgitate the memories, stories and faces, slowly digest them and find strength, meaning and purpose from these moments for my present and future.

But for now, I am contented. I am still young, but I feel filled like an old lady who has seen and done much.

“A long life is not a question of years. A man without memories might reach the age of a hundred and feel that his life had been a very brief one” – Graham Greene from ‘Travels with my aunt’

Sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar, one of the very last places we visited.


5 thoughts on “The most rewarding 679 days of our lives

    • Thanks!! It was hard to keep up the blog while traveling and I got to the point where living in the moment was more important and I could always catch up on the blog later, which I plan to do now that things are almost settled 🙂 I’ll be posting more about my trip soon

  1. I was just thinking the other days that it’s been a long time since you posted photos and updates from your travels. It would be so nice to see where the last months took you 🙂 your photos and the way of writing were very inspiring for me, that’s why I went to Provence and plan to see Chefchaouen some day 🙂
    Now you returned home…what a change that must be…and what an experience you lived. It’s truly impressive.
    I don’ t know what else to say… I hope when you have some time to share some more stories and photos from your trips. I wish you all the best from now on, wherever the life takes you, even if it’s just the everyday routine 🙂

    • Thank you for your support! It really makes this blog worthwhile to be able to inspire even one person out there through my photos and writing and it means a lot to hear that from you over the years 🙂 I will certainly be sharing more stories of my trip particularly the last 6 months and I hope to continue traveling even if it’s only short trips for now 🙂

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