Sugar Pine Walk

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Here’s a very belated post and announcement for 2016. We’re expecting a little one in May and I’m hoping that this bub will be a traveler in the making 🙂 After all we don’t plan on giving up on our passion for travel. If anything I’m already scheming up a 3-6 month family trip in a few years time to South America or Africa. Am I being overly ambitious already?

These pictures were taken just before Christmas last year in a secluded corner of the Bago State Forest roughly halfway between Sydney and Melbourne called Sugar Pine Walk. It’s a very short walk but the picturesque pine trees make for a pleasant photo stop on our drive down to Melbourne. I’d expect it to look even more stunning in the golden glow of autumn or covered in a blinding white bed of winter snow.


Quiet Little Explorations

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Here are some snapshots of our recent excursions around Sydney. They have been fewer and far in between, but more precious each time as we know that we have little time left to explore. These are the bits that I will miss most about Sydney- bits that matter just as much if not more than the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi beach.

46 days left until we leave this city. Yes, the countdown has finally begun.

Sunset at Mollymook Beach

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Mollymook beach is no stranger to us. We fell in love with this beach 3 years ago and have been wanting to return ever since. It’s the kind of beach I would have loved to grow up playing on. The kind of beach I would like to have my bach overlooking. The kind of beach I want my kids to grow up playing on.

We were lucky to catch the most beautiful sunset while at the beach. The kind where the sky is glowing as if on fire. It reminded me of the famous ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. So majestic. So real and yet so unreal at the same time.

A little town called Berry


Just two hours drive south of Sydney leads us to Berry, a small town filled with some of the cutest and quaintest shops you’ll ever find. The mayor of this town must have declared that every shop pass a ‘cuteness’ test before it is deemed fit for business. Berry is my kind of town. I could wander into every shop and get lost in all the knick-knackery there is for sale. I must admit that the name in itself added extra brownie points.
I love that the people of Berry care enough to make their town look pretty and attractive. Berry, you’ve found yourself a place in my heart!

Bike ride through Kuringai National Park


Snippets from our bike riding adventure one Saturday morning. Kuringai National Park is probably at its best early in the day when hardly any cars are around and the roads are pretty empty except for some cyclists. We rode up to West Head lookout which overlooks Barrenjoey lighthouse and Palm Beach and were treated to some pretty amazing views. On our way back to Sydney we stopped by Church Point for some much needed fuel in the form of a hearty brunch. More bike rides to come this summer!

Small Country Towns

When I think of small country towns I think of a certain wholesome, carefree charm that appeals to my small town girl roots. I am at heart a big city girl but I enjoy this form of escapism occasionally. I love how you can drive down a quiet unassuming road and stumble upon a patch of land filled with yellow wildflowers and a white picket fence thrown in for good measure. I love how you can find treasures in opshops and antique stores for pennies and leave feeling like you’ve just hit the jackpot. Most importantly I love driving through them knowing that we’re not far away from our beloved big city and that we’re not stuck in the middle of nowhere. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.