A Greek Paradise


IMG_8274-tile IMG_8306 IMG_8337 IMG_8385 IMG_8513-tile IMG_8733 IMG_8685 IMG_8679 IMG_8622-tile IMG_8579 IMG_8559 IMG_8415 IMG_8271Santorini may have earned its name as the most popular and visited Greek island, and rightly so. We had planned in advance to make our way south to Santorini in September to discover for ourselves if this island truly lives up to its hype. We were sold.

In short, Santorini is an island for lovers, posers and sun revellers. Honeymooners, newlyweds (literally, as some choose to say ‘I do’ on this island), couples both young and old flock to this magical island to bask in the glow of love and sunshine.  The blue domed churches which I’ve seen countless of times in pictures appear even more enchanting when seen right before my eyes that a million photos were in order. Everyone had the same idea, so popular picture spots often had a queue to get your turn for a picture.

And the caldera was truly breathtaking. That was the icing on the cake that we did not see happen. I knew about the charming buildings and churches, but oh my, the caldera catapulted Santorini into the top spot of the most naturally beautiful places we’ve seen.


Rovinj, Croatia

IMG_7174 IMG_7204-tile IMG_7209 IMG_7216 IMG_7232 IMG_7234-tile IMG_7236 IMG_7309 IMG_7343 IMG_7358 IMG_7364-tile IMG_7384I’m fast forwarding the order of our travels to blog about Rovinj. For me Rovinj will be one of those places that I’ll remember very fondly when I reminisce my carefree travel days. Situated on the Istrian peninsular, Rovinj has an interesting blend of Italian and Croatian culture due to the former’s influence in its history. The proximity of Rovinj to Italy (Venice is just a boat ride away) further intensifies the Italian culture in this picturesque coastal town. Signs posted in Croatian and Italian, locals speaking both languages and the food are just some of the tell tale signs of this mixed culture.

I distinctively remember the smell of grilled seafood permeating the air as we wandered along the smooth cobblestone paths that lead into a maze of alleyways. Pizzerias, seafood restaurants and gelato shops spring upon you at almost every corner. Sunbathers can be seen precariously perched on rocks and concrete slabs with gentle waves lapping up against them. With the sun slowly dipping down into the horizon, the town is bathed in the most glorious golden glow that accentuates the warm tones of the old town buildings. Suddenly everyone is out and about as if the cool evening air has drawn the crowds out of their little paradise cocoons. At night, every inch of available outdoor space is cleverly used for alfresco dining and the narrow alleyways are bustling with holidaymakers in search of food. Said rocks and concrete slabs are now populated with young couples sharing a cocktail or wine, perched on comfortable pillows instead and looking out into the night sky star-gazing. The night is forever young in Rovinj as music from buskers fill the streets and lights illuminate the town at every angle. When the holiday makers have finally had their fill they retire back to their little cocoons and the cycle repeats itself the next day…

Sunset at Mollymook Beach

Mollymook_9 Mollymook_8 Mollymook_7 Mollymook_6 Mollymook_5 Mollymook_4 Mollymook_3 Mollymook_2 Mollymook_1

Mollymook beach is no stranger to us. We fell in love with this beach 3 years ago and have been wanting to return ever since. It’s the kind of beach I would have loved to grow up playing on. The kind of beach I would like to have my bach overlooking. The kind of beach I want my kids to grow up playing on.

We were lucky to catch the most beautiful sunset while at the beach. The kind where the sky is glowing as if on fire. It reminded me of the famous ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. So majestic. So real and yet so unreal at the same time.