These places really do exist in real life…


I’ve been procrastinating this post for a while now. It’s not that I dread writing about it, rather it’s a challenge to try and describe in words my most favourite part of China. Not to mention selecting only a handful of the hundreds of photos we took in this region.

Often we see pictures on the internet and wonder if such beautiful places really do exist in this world, and that’s what went through my head as I sieved through our endless pictures of Yangshuo and Xinping in the region of Guangxi. These places are very real and none of the pictures have been photoshopped or edited.

This region is most famous for its limestone karst scenery. They are literally everywhere. I first laid eyes on limestone karsts in Vietnam and fell in love with it. But this tops it without a doubt. You can scale any peak in this region and see hundreds of limestone karsts as far as the eye can see. These peaks resemble hunched giants, quiet, unassuming but impossible not to notice. And sunsets in this region are truly breathtaking. Layer upon layer of shadowy peaks bathed in golden light.

I remember as a kid drawing multiple mountain peaks in an upside down ‘U’ or ‘V’  for art class, and realised as I grew older that my drawings were too far fetched and that such peaks probably don’t exist in real life. But seeing these limestone peaks before my very eyes proves that our imagination may not have been too far from reality. These things really do exist in real life..


Cycling in Paris

IMG_1625 IMG_1627 IMG_1628 IMG_1634 IMG_1646-horz IMG_1696If I had to pick one highlight of my time in Paris so far it has to be cycling around the city. I love exploring a city on two wheels especially if it is bike-friendly. The Paris velib system is the trump card for us. At a cost of practically next to nothing we can hire these bikes for a day or a week and cycle around the city, park them at the numerous velib stations dotted around the city for a break and hop back on when we want to go home.

We have since hired these bicycles several times after discovering the simplicity of how it works but our first bike adventure took us along the Seine towards Musée d’Orsay where the newly built Les Berges caught my eye. It was so much fun cycling along the Les Berges that I’m keen to go back again. We followed the Seine all the way to Île aux Cygnes (known for the Parisian Statue of Liberty, and nothing else), passing the bridge made famous by the movie ‘Inception’. As always, we were treated to amazing views of the Eiffel wherever we cycled.

My husband cleverly made this video of our bike adventures if you’ll like to see more. I think you can see how carefree and happy we felt on the bicycles. He makes a lot more videos of our daily adventures on his blog if you are interested.