Unmistakably San Francisco

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San Francisco has a lot to love about it. The Golden Gate, gorgeous Californian weather, and diverse suburbs to suit all lifestyles. But what caught my eye were the houses and architecture. Infused with a Victorian style, San Francisco houses are immaculate and so darn cute. If I could own a house anywhere in the world, it would have to be a San Francisco house (don’t quote me on this if I change my mind in the future!). When I think about which pictures best represent our take on San Francisco, it has to be the houses. So uniquely and unmistakably San Francisco.


A Gem in East Village, NYC

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East Village became our base as we explored the many boroughs of New York City. The streets of East Village have a certain vibe about it, almost like a mix of bohemian, down-to-earth, laid back style without trying too hard. East Village locals are effortlessly cool and not at all stuck up. We felt very much at home in East Village.

As much as I adored the quirky vintage shops and trendy eateries in East Village, nothing endeared me as much as the little creative garden that we stumbled upon a few days before our departure. The use of space in this concrete jungle amazes me, and every inch of this garden was put to good use. It was pure delight to find a garden built with such love and care. I imagined the thriving artistic community of East Village escaping to this creative space to find inspiration, or inner city dwellers pausing to find solace in this tiny haven.

Dear New York

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I remember standing in the middle of Times Square and staring up at the thousand neon lights blinking back at me

I remember the grotty narrow subway platforms filled with daily commuters and sounds of buskers from every corner

I remember the smells of exhaust fumes mixed with kebabs from street side stalls as I walked down 3rd Ave

I remember peering into the luxurious boutiques lining 5th Ave wondering when I could ever afford them

I remember strolling down Central Park and passing countless dog walkers who seemed so carefree

I remember how I felt in Harlem where everything was so different as if we had left the city and entered a whole new place

I remember you fondly New York.

More to come…