Lately according to Instagram


Getting our christmas shopping done


Freshly baked cookies


A lovely christmas dinner at Cafe Sydney


A super salad to balance all that christmas party eating and drinking


A different take on the traditional christmas tree



A Saturday morning bike ride


The holiday season is nearing and I’m excited to post more holiday-related cheer. Here’s the first of many!

All pictures from my Instagram.


Life according to Instagram

A summer fruit salad has got to be one of life’s simple pleasures

Discovering a namesake shop that sings to my heart

Wished my breakfasts look like this every morning

A delightful treasure trove within the city boroughs


A husband that teaches me patience through buying me ‘unbloomed’ flowers.

Hope your weekend was splendid. All pictures from my instagram account @bilbyandbear.


Snapshots of the city I live in and some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen,

A lovely surprise on an anniversary,

And a classy high tea at the Queen Victoria Building Tearoom to tick off my Bucket List.

All pictures taken with my iphone and Instagram.

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