The Malta Experience

IMG_0330 IMG_0332_edit-tile IMG_0362 IMG_0367 IMG_0394 IMG_0432-tile IMG_0467Our Malta experience was an interesting one. Challenged by a bout of health issues the entire time we were there plus a poor local transport system somewhat detracted from what could have been a very positive experience in this former British colony. Malta smothered us in heat and humidity (an average of 25 degrees Celsius in autumn!) every hour of the day that our bodies were just craving the beach and ice cream (which did not help my cough). We welcomed any prolonging of summer weather, knowing very well how harsh the European winter will be, but the heat was not conducive for waiting for often delayed buses.

We were also smothered with the best of Maltese hospitality, meeting some very friendly locals who were proud of their culture. We found their language fascinating to say the least. The Maltese language looks Arabic when written but sounds Italian when spoken. Try figuring that out 😉 This country is also strongly religious, which probably explains the low crime rate of the population in general. Most locals attend mass on Sunday and church bells can be heard ringing on a Sunday morning.

Valletta, the capital of Malta is the prettiest city we visited with a harbour that is second to none, truly. So stunning is the harbour that this is the main attraction of Malta. The famous sandstone buildings are everywhere and if you haven’t already noticed from the pictures, doors and windows stand out in shades of green or red.

There is so much more to Malta than what I’ve summarised but let’s just say this little country has left an indelible mark in our travels.