The Blue City of Chefchaouen


When I first heard of a Moroccan town with buildings awashed in hues of blue I knew I had to see it with my own eyes. This town is no stranger in the Moroccan tourist circuit and it’s no wonder why. Wandering the maze of alleys and corners in Chefchaouen is like unwrapping presents on Christmas day. Every turn reveals a delightful surprise of a quirky blue door or blue steps leading to more hidden buildings. Getting lost within this blue maze is part of the fun of exploring Chefchaouen and it amazes me that people actually live and go about their daily lives here amidst tourists sneaking glimpses into their half open doors and windows. And yes, the insides are blue too 😉


The Sahara Desert


There’s always a first for everything. First time stepping foot in the famed Sahara desert. First time trekking up and down sand dunes on a camel. First time camping overnight in the desert in the midst of a sandstorm. First time experiencing a sandstorm…

How do I rate my first time experiences, seeing that I’ve had countless first time experiences in the last 7 months alone? It’s easy to become numb and detached to these amazing experiences, but when I reflect on these first time experiences clocked in a span of just 2 days in the Sahara, my mind is boggled. I dig deeper to find the impact of these first time experiences on my self as a whole, and search for the emotion connected to the experience. How many can truly say that they’ve never felt more terrified of falling off a camel especially when it lurches down a sand dune? How many can speak of the extreme discomfort that comes when sand lashes against their face during a sandstorm? How many can laugh about the times when they had to attend to ‘toilet business’ in the vast darkness of the desert and getting spooked out by unknown creatures lurking beyond?

First time experiences can be unique and unforgettable for each individual. We may not have had the starry desert night sky we dreamed about, or the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, but we had our own Sahara desert experience and that’s something no one can ever take away from us.