Sugar Pine Walk

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Here’s a very belated post and announcement for 2016. We’re expecting a little one in May and I’m hoping that this bub will be a traveler in the making 🙂 After all we don’t plan on giving up on our passion for travel. If anything I’m already scheming up a 3-6 month family trip in a few years time to South America or Africa. Am I being overly ambitious already?

These pictures were taken just before Christmas last year in a secluded corner of the Bago State Forest roughly halfway between Sydney and Melbourne called Sugar Pine Walk. It’s a very short walk but the picturesque pine trees make for a pleasant photo stop on our drive down to Melbourne. I’d expect it to look even more stunning in the golden glow of autumn or covered in a blinding white bed of winter snow.


A little town called Berry


Just two hours drive south of Sydney leads us to Berry, a small town filled with some of the cutest and quaintest shops you’ll ever find. The mayor of this town must have declared that every shop pass a ‘cuteness’ test before it is deemed fit for business. Berry is my kind of town. I could wander into every shop and get lost in all the knick-knackery there is for sale. I must admit that the name in itself added extra brownie points.
I love that the people of Berry care enough to make their town look pretty and attractive. Berry, you’ve found yourself a place in my heart!