Au Revoir Sydney



This post is overdue by about 3 weeks. I meant to write a reflective post about farewelling Sydney but alas, my time has been taken up by a whirlwind of activities surrounding our last days in Sydney and stopover holiday in Malaysia. We ended on a good note I’d have to say, and I feel at peace about leaving Sydney for this new adventure we’ve worked long and hard to make happen. I will be updating a lot more regularly and I’ve even started listing down a Paris Bucket List to replace the Sydney one (read about it here) which I will post on the blog soon. In case you’re wondering, we are currently in Paris and plan to be here for the next few months unless the wind changes. Apartment hunting is our priority at the moment but it hasn’t stopped us from exploring this beautiful city. I’m starting to worry if I’ll even have enough time to do everything I want here.

Both pictures were taken on our last day in our apartment in Sydney. All we had were some picnic chairs to sit on and my favourite wall art which I refused to part with until the very last moment. Oh, and some leftover sparklers from New Year’s eve two years ago.


Kayaking along Sydney’s Waterways

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPROOne of our favourite things to do is explore Sydney’s waterways and what better way to do so than by kayak. You get a good feel for how the rich people in Sydney live just by a glimpse into the impressive houses built on the the inclines facing the waterways. Stunning and just pure luxury.

Maybe one day we’ll be the ones looking back out at those wishful kayakers trying to paddle their way up to our private beach. Sigh.

Pictures taken with the GoPro Hero 3 white edition camera.

Quiet Little Explorations

photo(1) photo(2) photo(3) photo(4) photo(5) photo

Here are some snapshots of our recent excursions around Sydney. They have been fewer and far in between, but more precious each time as we know that we have little time left to explore. These are the bits that I will miss most about Sydney- bits that matter just as much if not more than the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi beach.

46 days left until we leave this city. Yes, the countdown has finally begun.

Bike ride through Kuringai National Park


Snippets from our bike riding adventure one Saturday morning. Kuringai National Park is probably at its best early in the day when hardly any cars are around and the roads are pretty empty except for some cyclists. We rode up to West Head lookout which overlooks Barrenjoey lighthouse and Palm Beach and were treated to some pretty amazing views. On our way back to Sydney we stopped by Church Point for some much needed fuel in the form of a hearty brunch. More bike rides to come this summer!

Life according to Instagram

A summer fruit salad has got to be one of life’s simple pleasures

Discovering a namesake shop that sings to my heart

Wished my breakfasts look like this every morning

A delightful treasure trove within the city boroughs


A husband that teaches me patience through buying me ‘unbloomed’ flowers.

Hope your weekend was splendid. All pictures from my instagram account @bilbyandbear.

Jacaranda season

One of our favourite places for admiring the Jacaranda blooms is Sydney University. The old heritage buildings provide a great contrast against the purple flowers. Jacaranda trees bloom for a limited time every year during spring. It’s only natural for us to want to photograph them as another way to remember the beauty of Sydney.