Quiet Little Explorations

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Here are some snapshots of our recent excursions around Sydney. They have been fewer and far in between, but more precious each time as we know that we have little time left to explore. These are the bits that I will miss most about Sydney- bits that matter just as much if not more than the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi beach.

46 days left until we leave this city. Yes, the countdown has finally begun.


A harbour cruise and a giant yellow duck



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After almost a year later we’ve finally used the wedding gift so thoughtfully given by our friends which was a cruise down the Sydney Harbour on a catamaran. The views as usual were nothing short of spectacular, and I get a certain thrill whenever the boat goes under the harbour bridge and I look up at this huge man made metal structure which takes.my.breath.away.

And the giant yellow duck is thrown in for good measure (thanks Sydney Festival!)

All pictures taken with my iPhone 4 and edited with the VSCO CAM app.

Summer Lovin’ via VSCO CAM

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I’ve been addicted to the VSCO CAM app ever since I upgraded the IOS software on my iphone 4. It gives you more picture editing control rather than a blanket filter that Instagram offers.

Most of the pictures were captured in New Zealand and some recent ones in Sydney. Hope you’re enjoying summer as much as I am (if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere that is!)