A Rainy Day in Saint-Malo






Our first workaway stint in the South West of France has ended and we left with plenty of sunshine in our pockets as we made our way up north to a region of France called Bretagne or Brittany. Saint-Malo was our first stop in this region known for its crepes and galettes (buckwheat pancakes) and our day in Saint-Malo was far from sunny with an unrelenting rain welcoming us into this beautiful walled city. Sodden but not downtrodden, we went ahead and explored the city with its many cobblestone streets,  beautiful buildings and cosy creperies. Walking along the city walls was a highlight for us despite our constant battle to stay dry under a teeny tiny umbrella and rain that came sideways. Already so captivating in the worst of weathers, I can only imagine Saint-Malo attracting busloads of tourists in the summer. In a way we had this city pretty much to ourselves to soak in. Here’s hoping the weather turns in our favour as we make our way further into the region and begin our second workaway stint with a new host family.


Frost / Switzerland


A coating of frost on a crisp winter’s day is nothing like snow. Delicate, fragile and exquisitely balanced on every coarse and fine surface, a flick of a finger or the crunch of a footstep removes all traces of it in seconds. Just another display of nature’s finest.

Adventures on the coldest place on earth

IMG_2254 IMG_2256 IMG_1934 IMG_1699IMG_2102IMG_1633

IMG_1599IMG_2114IMG_2196IMG_1670Well…maybe not the coldest place on earth. But certainly the coldest place I’ve ever stepped foot on. Our Harbin experience is irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind. There were moments when I thought that I would not survive the beyond freezing temperatures (we’re talking -20 to -30 degree Celsius). There were plenty of times when I lost sensation in my fingers and toes due to the extreme numbness from the icy cold.

Harbin’s ice and snow sculptures wowed me to no end. When the Chinese build, they really build. The biggest, tallest and most complicated sculptures gathered every year for the Harbin Ice Festival and we got to see it.

The Siberian Tiger Park was in itself an adventure of a lifetime. Imagine being in the cage this time, and having 500 pound tigers roaming around you.

We also walked on the frozen Songhua river. In fact, I jumped on it. And we watched brave souls swim in the pool while we were wrapped up in layers and layers of winter clothing.

Harbin was worth it even though I almost died (or so I felt). But I don’t think I’ll ever go back again.

Unmistakably San Francisco

IMG_8425 IMG_8605 IMG_8433 IMG_8462 IMG_8426 IMG_8412


San Francisco has a lot to love about it. The Golden Gate, gorgeous Californian weather, and diverse suburbs to suit all lifestyles. But what caught my eye were the houses and architecture. Infused with a Victorian style, San Francisco houses are immaculate and so darn cute. If I could own a house anywhere in the world, it would have to be a San Francisco house (don’t quote me on this if I change my mind in the future!). When I think about which pictures best represent our take on San Francisco, it has to be the houses. So uniquely and unmistakably San Francisco.

Dear New York

IMG_8708 IMG_8843 IMG_8894 IMG_9025 IMG_9179 IMG_9336 IMG_9100 IMG_9804 IMG_9534 IMG_9514IMG_9869

I remember standing in the middle of Times Square and staring up at the thousand neon lights blinking back at me

I remember the grotty narrow subway platforms filled with daily commuters and sounds of buskers from every corner

I remember the smells of exhaust fumes mixed with kebabs from street side stalls as I walked down 3rd Ave

I remember peering into the luxurious boutiques lining 5th Ave wondering when I could ever afford them

I remember strolling down Central Park and passing countless dog walkers who seemed so carefree

I remember how I felt in Harlem where everything was so different as if we had left the city and entered a whole new place

I remember you fondly New York.

More to come…